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“I always knew there was good money to be made in options I just didn’t know the reliable safe way to do it, its nice knowing you were teaching options. Been meaning to learn about it so this helps. I also appreciate the extra videos you added at the end. l’ve heard many of horror stories involving leverage”

Josue Hosway, Entreprenuer & inspiring Options Trader

Take Control of your journey to financial freedom.

A program that teaches you how to build wealth & generate income through options trading

"Options Trading Mastery" is a program that teaches you how to build wealth and also generate income through options trading.

Finances is not something we were taught in school. Humans are also not programmed to always think logically. Wealth is a game of logic and to master it, we first must change the way we think and then change how we act with money.

Neil deGrasse Tyson is an American astrophysicist, author, and science communicator and on the Joe Rogan podcast he talked about how it could be a 'conspiracy' that we do NOT learn probability and statistics in school.

Arguebably, understanding Probability & Statisicts is the best type of MATH to learn to succeed finacnially. Simply, most people would not be broke if they were taught the basics of how money works, probability, and how it relates to your journey to financial freedom.

In "Options Trading Mastery", not only will use learn how to master options trading but you'll learn the rules, strategies, and logic behind building wealth.

  • Learn how TIME makes some rich and others poor.
  • Master personal finance through logic
  • Learn how to indentify invesments that are good FOR YOU.
  • Mastery options trading to generate monthly income
  • Private Community to support you on your journey

By the end of the program, you’ll have all the confidence you need get wealthier, build a passive income portfolio, tackle debt logically, make smart financial decisions and overall make steps to your financial freedom journey.

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Table of contents

Get a look at all of the content covered in this program. Everything you need to know is inside.

"Option Trading mastery" is comprised of 10 modules with in-depth lessons designed to teach you everything you need to know options trading.

  1. The Evolution of the Logical Investor

  2. Fundamentals of Stocks, Options & Investing

Video Lessons

Over 10 hours of high quality, step-by-step video content to sharpen personal finance knowledge.

Learn how to design make logical decisions with your money, generate income through options trading, tackle debt, and navigate the financial markets.

  1. Getting started with Personal Finance

    Learn to become logical and make the right decisions to start growing your personal finances.

  2. Start with the basics

    Learn all the possible investments to make and where to begin.

  3. Start generating income with options trading

    Learn simple and repeatable strategies to generate income with options.

  4. Advanced strategies

    Finances is something that should be taken professional, once you got the fundamentals down, start becoming an expert .


Tools and resources you can use to get started even faster and progress even further.

Design assets, documents, and a community of people currently on their financial freedom journey where you can ask questions, get feedback, and accelerate your learning.

  1. Free ideas & strategies

    Admins of Option Trading Mastery will occasionaly broadcast ideas & strategies.

  2. Community of Options Traders

    A private Discord server where you can get help, brainstorm and network with others.

  3. Checklists, Cheatsheets, and handbooks

    Collection of documents to help you build your finances & navigate options trading.


One time investment of only $497.

Option Trading Mastery

Everything we have to offer.


  • The COMPLETE Options Trading Mastery Program
  • Downloaded resources
  • Beta-Test software
  • Life-time updates
  • Private Community access
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Some kind words from early customers...

I worked with a small group of early access customers to make sure all of the content in this program was exactly what they needed. Hears what they had to say about the finished product.


Beau Crabill – Hey there, I’m the founder behind ‘Options Trading Mastery’.

I have loved finance & math since a young age. So getting into options trading was something that just naturally happened. My first stock purchase was for Solar City Stock, which later got bought out my TSLA before TSLA grew 10x. I started my career in the eCommerce sector but for such a long time I wanted to get into finance. I truly believe EVERYONE can benefit themselves by learning personal finance to take control of their financial future.. I first had the idea to start this company in 2020, I delayed for a whole year to start a software company that went on to be valued at over $80m. Now, I spend my time developing software for stock & options traders

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